I’ve been teaching for a long time now to create a blog to share my thoughts and experiences. There are many types of content published here, so I believe it can be useful and interesting to everyone.

Things You Can Find on This Blog

  • Useful tips for studying.
    Studying can be fairly easy and interesting if you know how to make yourself work productively. A lot of students spend hours on homework or papers, when it can be done much quicker. I want to share some tips A+ students have been using for years.
  • Best learning sources for different subjects.
    If you can’t understand a topic yourself or need some extra information on something, you can find in on this blog. Good learning sources are rare to find, so they should be cherished and shared.
  • Personal stories about school and teaching.
    I have a lot of those in my collection. Some are funny, some teach valuable lessons and others are really inspiring. I hope those will motivate you to work and study more, read more and success in life.
  • Reviews of popular methods and practices.
    As a teacher, I know that it might be really tough to calm the kids down to make them excited about coming into your classroom. It’s still possible though, if you take your time to learn about it.

Types of My Audience

  • Students.
    There is a lot of personal and valuable content with tips and reviews for students. As a student, you can always find support here.
  • Teachers.
    I’m glad if you consider using my methods and practices or lesson ideas.
  • Parents.
    Supporting your kid during their school years is a must. Find out the best ways to do it here.
  • Future teacher.
    If you are thinking of becoming a teacher, please feel free to contact me. I admire everyone who want to share this noble profession!

As you see, I try to keep the blog interesting for everyone, so you can find something for yourself here.