Being a teacher, I know how important support and understanding are. It’s crucial to enable your audience to ask questions and discuss things openly for them to achieve success. I take the same principle to my blog and want to open the flow of communication between me and my readers. There are plenty of things you might want to ask or talk about, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

Areas of My Specialization

  1. American educational system. I can answer all of your questions on education in the US if you’re a foreigner if you want to find a good school or college for yourself. Our system also has some serious flaws, so you can discover those for yourself.
  2. Studying plans and exams preparation. I’ve led classes specifically designed to help students pass standardized tests, so if you need some study guide or a plan, you can either find it on the blog or contact me directly to get one.
  3. Lesson plans and handy materials. I’ve been a newbie to teaching myself and I know how hard it is to find something decent for your classes. I can share some of my long time favorites. After all, it’s our common goal to educate this country.
  4. Moral support. Many need that, and it applies to students, teachers, parents. If there is something that bothers you, if you are worried, don’t hesitate to drop a line.

If you want to stress something else, you might do so. I am opened for interesting discussions and believe that talking on different topics can benefit my own education!