How To Help Your Children With Math Homework For The 1st Grade

Even students as young as 5 or 6 who are entering the first grade are likely to come home with some math homework a few nights a week. While math assignments are not necessarily lengthy in the 1st grade, it is important that parents know the best means for helping their children learn. As tempting as it is to complete the homework themselves, parents should be an engaged member of their child’s education. This list will help you in doing that.

Step 1: Make Sure They Have a Learning Space

Chances are, if you let your child sit at the living room table in front of the television to get their assignment done, they are going to be watching and not working. It is important for children, especially young children, to have a quiet learning environment to do homework. This does not mean it cannot be colorful or fun, but the learning space should be away from distractions like television and other electronics.

Step 2: Make Them Give it a Try First

Have you ever been frustrated with your child’s homework, so much so that you just wanted to do it yourself? Even if your child is being frustrating, it is important that you teach them the independence to try new things on your own. Make it your policy that they must try on their own for at least 15 minutes before you give them a hand. Then, if they do need the additional help, you can become their math homework helper.

Step 3: Show Them How, Not What

It is critical that when your first grader struggles with math, you do not just give them the answers to get the assignment over with. Do not just show your student what the answer is, show them how to reach it. While this may seem tedious and time-consuming, it is the best method if you want the things that your child is learning to stick with them after the homework session.

Step 4: Find Extra Help

Some parents struggle because they just do not know how to teach their child math. This is because they cannot explain it in a way that students understand what is being taught. In this instance, it may be best to look around for math homework help online. This may come in the form of a tutor or you may be able to find a fun, useful math video that can teach your child what they need to know.

Step 5: Review Their Work

When your student is working on an assignment alone, it can be helpful to offer to look it over for them afterward. This gives you and idea of what they are being taught, as well as how well they are doing on the subject. You also get the chance to explain missed concepts before they turn the assignment in to their teacher.

The great thing about 1st grade assignments is that you likely have the background to give them the help they need. Enjoy this time while it lasts because as students advance, you may find yourself looking for help with homework online so you can understand what your child is being taught. Continuing to work with them through all their years of school can actually help, since it can tea

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